Hmmm ….Started a blog…. How to make money with it ??

Hi friends how are you all? Hope you all will be fine… I think you all would have started a blog now… right? Ok …. You will be in a confusion of how to start earning some money with your blog. If you are in such a situation ,just read this  once…… Starting a blog is very easy but making money with it is somewhat typical. If you started a blog just now, then wait for atleast one month to think about earning… Yes you have to wait atleast a month to think about earning…. So ,in the first month ,you just post some attracting posts that will attract more visitors to your blog…. You should have to attract a minimum of 2000 visitors in the first month . Then it is easy for you to start earning in the second month of your blogging career …. So ,newbies don’t think of money now ….just post ,post and post some cool posts in your blog !!!…. All the best


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Hi friends how are you all? I think this will be the best time to start blogging if you really wanna be a good blogger. Yeah, in my case ,blogging started as a hobby and now developing as a source of income. In 2007 , i earned some $1300 by simply sitting less than an hour a day in blogging. Now ,in 2008 ,i want to boost up my income level with blogging ……. (have to sit some more hours before my pc…hmmmmm). I also want to share with you some cool earning tips and blogging tips with you so that you also can earn some money online without  any investment. So ,how to start a blog ?

There are many sites providing free sub domains for starting your own blog online. But the best one is blogger .com. This is the best website which is providing some cool widgets that are user friendly. So if you are in an idea of earning money thru blogging ,try . I will be back soon with another cool post soon.. Happy blogging !!!!!

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Hi friends wish you all a happy new year !!!. I went for a long tour to northern parts  of   India and that;s why not able to share with you some cool things for the past few weeks. So ,now i am back to blogging and i am eager to share with you some thing cool and interesting ,Have a cool life this year and make others happy .All the best

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Hi fellow bloggers !!! How are you all ? I hope you all will be fine. I think you all know about a link exchange and normal linkings … I want to share something regarding links and linkbacks … What is a linkback? If some one links your URL to his/her blog ,it is termed as a link and if the person who is linked , link the other one ,it is called a link-back. So what is the benefit of getting a linkback ? Usually link backs are made in order to boost up the page rank  ranked by Google. Google is providing some cool page ranks based on this linkbacks and visitors and so on.

Do this linkback really help you to improve your pagerank? I think it will help you to a particular extent only. If you are having a blog and if you got linked with a website with some good page rank  say 5. Then you will be benefited a lot. But if you are a blogger with rank 0 and if you link a blogger with page rank 5 ,then he get no benefit from it. Also your page rank depends on the total number of links given by you and total number of links given to you. If you are having more outgoing links than incoming links ,it will reduce the rank of your blog. At the same time ,if you have more incoming links ,your rank will be increased …. So ,this links works better to improve your rank with some restrictions like the above said ones. So ,try to get more links on you than giving links to others. All the best.

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Hi friends wanna earn online ? Then read this tips. Earning money through blogging is easy to look ,but hard to do so. Because , some of the bloggers ,just started a blog to earn money, but failed to maintain the quality of their blog(just by writing only sponsored posts). Writing sponsored posts ruins the quality of your blog. So, if you want to earn some cool money with your blog, then follow the tips given below….

1.Your blog must be categorized. i.e.  the theme of the blog must be categorized to movies ,funny stuff, review etc.

2.The no. of non sponsored posts must be higher than the sponsored posts.

3.Also ,you should get  more link backs as possible as you can

4. Try to attract more visitors by providing some cool and attracting stuff

5. Do not give more links in your blog . It will reduce the rank of your blog.

6. Do not write any copied posts in your blog as google will easily found out the copied posts .

So ,follow these rules and rock with your blog. All the best. i will be back with another cool post

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Hi friends , do you want to earn some cool money online ?Then i came up with some cool ideas to share with you all now. There are always many ways to earn money in this world. But there are only few ways to earn money in a cool way. One among them is called BLOGGING. Blogging is nothing but ,just writing your opinions on every thing in and around the world and you will be paid for your views ,if and only if you are a good quality blogger. Are you a good quality blogger ? Then why are you waiting? Start earning some cool money with the help of your blog. I will discuss more about the blogging tips and earning tips in the future posts. All the best !!!

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